Rising a campaign 


This is my second week of preparing my trekking trip to Armenia. I do think that walking on a ground is more easy than to construct a social networking that works between all of them: Facebook, Twetter, Gofundme, and more!

OMG, well I thought I did keep up with the evolution of the technology, but perhaps not! I just did learn this morning what is a Hashtag and I created a new one: #Trekking2Armenia . 
I somehow have the feeling I am walking on eggs and I am not really knowing what I am doing, But surely it will get better after each mistakes!

Ok I do realize that my Blog seems to be in 2 languages, I will slowly tend towards one of them. I have not decide it yet.

In order to be able to raise some money for this 4 weeks trekking in Armenia, I have created a founding campaign. This will  help me to buy my flight, my staying in B&B or hotels and some equipment. I do thank you in advance.

Capture d’écran 2017-02-06 à 13.54.46.jpeg

Click to help me!

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