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From Bella Center

Hello, as you can see I’m trying all my possibilities to get in touch with you and the world while I will be trekking in Armenia for 4 weeks at least. I’m so much excited to learn new stuff, new technology and also I just feel that this trip is opening  so many  other ways of looking at our beautiful planet.

In fact, from up there (Bella Center) one could see all the small car going randomly, point to point, what did seem to me to be without any purpose. Not that I should know, but I was just amazed about all that movement.

I am still trying to figure out how to organize my way go blogging or sharing my experiences, so bear with my tests! LOL! I know some of you know all that to tip of your fingers but I am trying my best! I am so proud that I have managed this blog, and I think I will even have some fun with it! I have tried so many times in my life to write a journal, well at least 10 of them are interrupted at day 4! But this project is very important to me and I feel that it will be a growing process.

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Transferring Photos from my Nikon to the Net trough my iPhone?

When I will be walking in the beautiful mountains and villages of Armenia I will take some pictures with my DSLR. But I was wondering how I could share some of my pictures to the Net. I am sure there is some better solutions then what I am thinking of, but I jut thought that I can buy a adaptor from the apple Lightning to a usb port where I can hook my camera. And then maybe I can choose the picture I want to share via my Blog or something. Doe someone has experience with this?

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