Success with photo transfer!

So, I have just received my cable adapter that is connecting my iPhone 6 to my Nikon. I was like a small child having a present and was quite anxious to see if it works. To my big surprise it does! Here is the proof: last week I have done an audition in London, and afterwards, I’ve took some time to take pictures at night from the beautiful city. One of my best was at the tower bridge. Well I had no tripod, and fortunately there was a really joyful woman taking awesome pictures that had a second tripod. Generously, she lend it to me and I took this picture. 

So now, as soon that I have an Internet connection during my walk, I will be able to post what I think will be the best pictures. Obviously they would have no editing since I will not bring my computer with me. Since weight is the most important thing to be aware of ! But then with this amazing solution I know at least that the most meaningful pictures will not be lost.

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