My first day

Packing unpacking, and continuing this wheel for a while because I felt lost.

Not that I have not traveled in my life: in fact as long as I can remember, I think I have not been in one place longer that 2 years. So, I  should be use to it!  But this time, to organize and finalized my luggage, was somehow different. I supposed that if it was different it was because this travel was not for a concert, audition or a production. There, I have some routine of packing the necessary and also the unnecessary things for singing.  Never the less,  I could feel inside my entire body, cold electricity running trough my veines. This feeling reminded me, what I can feel before a premiere, before being on stage. I am use to that at my job, but not in private life.

My adrenaline was rising at the speed of light in my body until I realized that this trip is my first pure holiday alone. Totally alone with my own resources. And that did somehow suddenly scared me. And I understood why some of my friends considered me brave, crazy, to throw my self in this adventure.

I deeply hoped that as soon that I pass the check in, I would be again calm. Fortunately, this tornado of feelings past, letting some space to enjoy the moment. I have traveled so many times from Copenhagen, that the conditioned Nora found her self to exactly now what to do at the terminal. That was a good way to forget all my fears! Now I am in my seat on the plane seeing the full moon: as if we are flying the reach her (well in French it is « la lune »)

The flight is not direct so we are landing in Warsaw Beautiful city, but not this time since for me I will continue to Yerevan arriving at 5 in the morning!!

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