The route toward Garni temple 

This morning, my phone woke me up, took me away from a dream. I can not say that the night was a great one, since the room was only 10 degrees! Never the less, I survived!! I opened the window and I could see the Mont Ararat in all his splendeur. Actually, I really did not expect that since I wanted to see how much snow did fall during the night.  I was so surprise to see that 30 cm was covering the nature.
I still hear a small voice saying to me that I should bring my boots that I have bought to climb the Swiss Montains. I remember saying, that they way too much for Armenia. Well I was totally wrong! After 10 steps outside the B&B, I found my self on the floor covered from snow. Until Garni my walk was difficult, since the street were covered from ice and snow, and the cars were also having difficulties. You can imagine that my boot were my worst enemy. A man on the route asked me, if I was not sacred, I awnserd that I am not afraid, that I really feel safe in Armenia, but I am only scared of my… boots!

I arrives on the second B&B, maybe 100 meters from the temple of Garni. A great place, where one can feel the real Armenian. So I visited the temple and I decide to go where all the villagers were calling, The Symphonie. It took me some time to understand that they were not talking about an orchestra but about a place. So I walk, maybe I should just say I slide toward this amazing nature wonder, trying to understand what is was. I realize that they were right since it look like a gigantesque organ of stone.


I came back to the village from an other route since my feet were wett and I did not want to take the same swamp route. On my way back to the village, 2 young girls came to me and asked me, if I am not mistaken hundreds of questions , which abviously I answered. I could never the less, between those questions discover that she will go in one year to Yerevan to study at the State University, studying social studies. Meanwhile I had the chance to see baby sheeps and the farmer and her wife. 

Back at the B&B, it was time to eat. We were the family, maybe 6 people, me and a other guest that was from Italy. We did eat hours and did drink also hours. My stomac was ready to explose, and suddenly the mother who by the way did cook by her self, asks me, if I did not want more, because I have eaten nothing. I must say although we were all full, the table was still generous of great dishes. Time to go to bed, I am so exhausted!

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