The singing montains 

This morning, breakfast at 8:00 in my room with the other Italian guest. So I was a little stress to pack all my things, I don’t want anyone to see the mess I am able to achieve with only one pack sac!! Second night I slept like a baby gathering some forces to continue my walk. 

Last evening before the meal, I did talk to a taxi driver about the Armenian cognac. I told him, that I loved it, and as you can imagine, he invited me to meet his freind who does the cognac himself. But I could not go since I was already late for diner, so I left our conversation to go toward my B&B. During the diner the door rings and the landlord gets up to open, and comes back telling me it is for me. You can imagine how surprised I was. The taxi driver came to give me small bottle of cognac!! Well on one hand, I  was happy but the weight of my back is continuingly growing!! Armenians are simply generous. 

After the breakfast with the Italian fellow, I left the B&B, and wanted to walk towards Khor Virab. From Garni one has to go trough the montains. Which I love!! After every curves there is a new scenery, with a new energy from the nature. It is good 18 km without any houses or garage or anything. It does not look much but trust me by walk, the space seems endless! While I was admiring the nature, I hear a voice singing a song that I wasn’t able to classify. I took off my hat to hear from where it was coming until I realize it was the electirical post that was making the wind sing. It was amusing and also spooky since the melodie had only 3 notes. Further on after a mountain pass and after crossing roads being totally washed out from reality, I could hear this time a basso profundo. This time time tough there was no post that I could see, but only montains. I am still not sure if montains can sing but this sound was going through all my bones and soul. 

The farmer from the village told me that it will rain during the day. I am 4 hours on the road and fortunately no rain yet! Until… I was all soaked and freezing to death. I was also very hungry. My feet where again soaked, but I asked them to double the effort to at least reach as fast as possible the next village. Far away,  I see some sheeps which the rain was certainly not a bother, since they were in a group happily together eating the yellow grass from last year. The shepherd runs toward me and says hello and gives me 3 candies. Usually I hate sugar, but this time this shepherd was my gardian angel! 

Arrived to Landjazat, a small village of maybe 40 houses, I decided, that I would try my luck by nocking a door. A grand mother opened. Well in fact I think she should be only 50 but she looked much older. Here they all do look older. Life is not easy. After some traduction session with the youngest, she opened her arms and took me as if I was one of her doughters. She literally pushed me to the fire give me new clothes, and I was like a wett duck getting warmer instantly!! The table was almost ready they invited to eat with them, and there  I was like a queen eating only eating what they have on the farm. Let me tell you it was a lot and diversified. bread butter chicken milk eggs and vegetables. And here I am again with a full stomac, rolling to bed and I slept like a baby!

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