Free hug

I woke up this morning not with my phone ringing, but with the big snore. First I thought it was me but then I realized I was not alone. I turned half asleep, and realize that the grandmother was there snoring happily ever. It was eight in the morning, time to wake up for the whole family. Breakfast was prepared coffee was already smelling wonderfully, and suddenly the grandmother says I should see how she gets the milk from the cow. Because every morning she gets at least 10 L from her cow, and with that she makes her own cheese yogurt and obviously butter and the rest they just drink it. She didn’t let me try but that doesn’t matter since I had the chance to try that in Switzerland in the mountains.

When the family was sure that I was secure to  continue my travel, they let me go standing all of them 5 people like soldiers to wave goodbye. Today was a totally different as all other days that I had. This time I  walk, I wasn’t in the mountains, the sun was hard on my face and my hands, the wind was totally still, and every Armenian was outside on the street. I had to stop every time explaining them what I was doing and for what reason. But one old woman came to me opened her arms and did hug me, without any questions or answers and she left with a big smile. I was so overwhelmed about the situation, that I didn’t know if I should think it’s a weird situation or if I should laugh about it. I found myself crying out loud because I found the gesture so beautiful.

Continuing my path I found myself somehow like a highway where people were walking crossing the highway right and left, they were restaurants shops blocks were people were living and also the hotel. To this hotel I went, I was curious to see how much it would cost for one night. The owner answered me it was so much per hour. I looked quite perplexed and with a big smile answer to him thank you very much but I think I continue my path. 

So I went to the church called Khor Virap where Gregory the illuminator was kept prisonner in a cave without light, humid and cold for 13 years by the king of Armenia of the time, Tiridates. Christianity started in the year 301 being the first country to be Christian. I was not able to stay more than 13 minutes how can a man stay 13 years? I thought only faith to live or for his case faith to God can give so much strength!! I’ll think about that after in step I am taking!!

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