A flower for Women’s month

Yesterday night, when  I went to bed, I was having the feeling that I was sinking under the hearth. Only few springs where holding me! I woke up with some pain in my neck. I overcome quickly, I got the chance to see the jar where the Armenian do there chees, She was explaining me with such care the processus that in fact I couldn’t hear anymore the details, but was feeling so privileged to live this and be witness of such a old tradition. The jars where belonging to her grand grand father. When she finished, I could see, she had tears in a eyes. She also showed me her backyard, where she had chicken, a horse ans five bees family. That was the time for me to depart, she wave at me but strangely, I could see that her eyes where red. I couldn’t walk do few minutes, until I overcome my self my emotions.

So I walk 20 km only going up, no rest at all from Mother Nature. On the beginning of this walk, I saw what shocked me so much tat I had to cry out loud.  I saw in a plastic bag 2 small baby dogs left there. I came way to late. It is at this moment that I realized that farmers have other rules and other needs! Ayer my emotional crise, starred the breath crise. alwas going up put my sometime my moral douwn. 

I am starting  to think that Armenians have motional antena, the cars stoped and offered what they could find around them,  apple, in fact I fear, I am starting to look like apple, so much I had to eat them, They did give me chewing gum, chocolate and again some more apple. But the most touching was a man giving me flowers saying that in Armenia they do not only have the 8th of march as women day, but they have a mounth until April 7th. My impression is that the men do respect a lot women and what women achieve, but never the less, here in the country side each one has his duty and work to do. Which to a city girl like me can look somehow macho. I still can see this image of me walking up with a backpack, and in here hand some flowers. Maybe the first of this year. You can image that I had again tears in my eyes. I don’t remember having living that in Europe at all.

Finally, after 20 km, I arrive at the top, meaning at 1900 m. There is this village called Lusachogh. Maybe 100 houses. I was dicided to stay there for the night but I wanted to cross the village first. It did take 2 minutes and I couldn’t see in front of me more than 50 meter so much it was snowing. I couldn’t take my rain coat, so I went by feeling towards a house where i could see a smoking chimney And some light. 

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