Downhill day

My day started with a soup this time, the same I had last night. When I knocked the door yesterday, a handsome man with blue eyes awnserd me. I explain my situation and there I was accepted in a new family. We had great discussions about there situation as farmers in a country that is changing from the deepest communism to the worst capitalism. What I can retain, because I do not understand always what there are saying since they talk an other Armenian dialect, is that they are drowning and that with the sensation of no futur. That is why a lot of Armenian are leaving the country foe maybe a better life. I felt sad, because it seemed that at this one time there is really no solution to there problems.

What I can remember, in the morning, I did not sleep so good. I was continually waking up my self with my own snore! What was to be expedited came, I got a cold and my throats is red and swollen. Even if it was in the morning, eating the soop did give me a good feeling. And it kept me the whole day. I also had the privilege to have some home made honey. They say it is the best antibiotics, let’s wait.

The Armenians are saying that this year, it has been the worst winter. Well it is still winter! Again I woke up and it was all white, maybe a good 20 cm. The small village Lusachogh is the highest at 1900, but there is at least 100 meters more before arriving the pic of the montain. The family offered me to drive me to the peak. Surely there were having pity on me, and thought it will be hell to walk there. My self, I remembered my first day where I was cut in a snow storm. My feet were wett for ever! So I accepted the offer, and did drive to the other side of the 1900 meters of the montain. From that point on until my next B&B, for 24 km , I walked only downhill. It is maybe easier but it goes to all the joints of you legs.

Unfortunately, the car was not starting, so I had to wait a little bit, but just enough for me to think that I would not be able to have any time to rest. I started at noon and I had a lot in front of me.:24 km. I calculated I should be at my goal in about 7 hours. I did not take any pause any Lunch, i didn’t want to be late knowing that at 7 it is dark, and beeing so near to a frontier where there is actually war. Instead, because I couldn’t anymore, I prefered to lie down on the side of the main road 5 minutes! 

But before that I thought taking a short cut. I was tired to do those serpentine and I thought I was loosing time. So I did cut through the montain. Those are wilde montain with no merci, and I was happy that I did not break a bone of mine. Ok that was not really clever of me, but I am sure I did win at least a good… I will be generous 2 minutes!  But I did Winn a lot of respect for all the people leaving in the montains. My boots were not really happy, and I lost the 2 heals! That is a disaster, since I had 4 km to go. It seems not a lot, by car 5 minutes but when you are tired, it takes for ages. Finally I realized it was even better, my feet where less painful.

At seven I did arrive and as usual I was accepted with a big hart. But on my side having walked so long, my boots beeing scraped, I was almost on the edge of quitting everything and returning  on the next day to Yerevan.

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