Towards Areni, the wine paradise

I thought of doing a smaller walk compared to the other days. The heals of my boots were totally thorn apart, meaning it is difficult for me to walk. Never the less, I manage to go further down the montain until Areni. I was suppose to walk only 7 km but I got lost and ended up walking at least 3 more km until I found the B&B. On my way, I did meet some villagers saling the products that they do them self. By, them self, I mean without help of some equipment that a lot of europeen or both amercain farmers have. I saw elderly picking up plant and herbs with there own hands, women cuting only with a small saw the fruit trees, man turning the earth only with a very old shovel. and all that, to be able to sell the result of there hard labor in a small kiosk at the border of the road. 

My cold is unfortunately getting worse, not able to breath properly, so I stop to one of those kiosk and ask if they had something good for a cold. a women approach me also with blue eyes and she did give me a fruit sirop called in Armenian: dochap. I am not able to find the translation of this fruit, but I am sure soon enough I will now it. She said it is very important to not take to much of it, why? I didn’t understand, because it is really good. As I said in my title Areni is a wine paradise. They find some settlements showing that in this same region for 6500 years, people were doing wine. Therefor it is more touristic. After our small talk the women goes away and comes back with 2 wine glasses. I had for the day my first Areni wine at noon on an empty stomac, and as promised did put up my moral!

To be able to find my B&B,  I absolutely need to use google map. The streets are not written and if you do not live for ages in the place, you just simply get lost! Until now,  I always found my way without any problems but this time, google map did send me to a bridge that was totally in ruin! It would of been impossible to cross it. So therefore, I had to do a big detour of 2 km until my arriving point. Once there, I realized, it was a place of an old factory, no way that the B&B was there! So suddenly, I remembered that in my email some coordinates were given, they are somehow the opposite side of the citie!! 

Well finally I managed to find the place, the table was ready and I just had to sit down and enjoy the meal with my new host. I told them about my boots, and the husband offers to drive me until the next  shoe maker. Which is by the way in the next town 20 km away. The ma looked at my boot and without a word fixed them. Did give it to me and asked if I am a tourist. Then I started to explain to him that I am visiting Armenia by walk. I laughed and answered, see you in 150 km again!! Because I have passed the cap of 100 km today!

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