My home for tonight

I stood in a hotel that sometimes we see in some American movies, when the hero has to go away from his daylie life! This hotel was at the back of a garage with old cars left on the side and some chairs beeing used to death. I could see 2 old men playing cards while waiting for someone to have to come to have some gaz.

Knowing that I woul start a big assention, I started my walk this time at 8:30. I must say the road was really beautiful. Very different from all the other days. It seemed to me that, there was more nature, that the montains were a little bit more green and on that trajectory, there was a lot of small restaurants. While I was going to one of them, letting my legs rest, a older women comes almost screaming at me. She was convinced that I am totally in sane doing this trip, saying she is a doctor, she did screem at me that women should not do such things,that it is very dangerous, and that on top of that, I will suffer for the rest of my life. I listen to her very calmly, knowing that it was only because she got scared for me and it came out the wrong way! I responded to her that I was thankful that was freely saying her toughts and I assured her, that I will be careful. I immediately continued my way. If there is one thing that I don’t need, is someone to discourage me! 

My father does live in Yerevan and for a long time had no car. He was patiently searching for the best occasion, but somehow, yesterday he found one. Now don’t tell me that it is only luck? Somewhere, deep inside me, I now that my father has the feeling to be more with his daughter this way. In fact he decided to join me today and take from me things that I brought, but realized that I am not using. for exemple my great solar panel! My pain in my legs are telling me that my bag is maybe too heavy. So we found each other on the road. The most funny part was to see that he did in 2:30 hours what I have done in 10 days!! He came with the family, and all together had a great Armenian michoui!! The meat is so good here! That the plus to not have hormones or antibiotics, one gets more taste! Then, we both continued are way, he, return to Yerevan and me toward my home for the night.

In the morning, I did ask the hotel if they knew someone in the small village that I was heading. They sended me to the last wooden house is Saravan. Once I arrived, I didn’t believe my eyes. I was arriving in a book story from the Middle Ages. A man came to me with a white costume, It was so bizarre at first, but soon enough, I realized that he was cleaning one of the 15 home for his bees. The dog barked at me so loud that the wife came out to welcome me. She did let me in her house, and I was astonished to see that there was no oven nor fridge, but only one sink and an old wood oven. Actually, they do not put wood but « atar » it and Armenian word for the dried pooh of the cow that they burn to worm the home. On the side of the house is the stable it looked quite small from outside but once the cows came from the montains by them self to the stable, I had the chance to see how big it was inside. There was place for 8 cows , one mama pig with maybe 10 babies. 4 small cows. A cat with 6 kitten, 20 huge rabbits, and not the least some 15 chickens.

My night? Only a small wall of wood was separating me from the outside wind. I had my coat on me and again my hat and sucks to keep me warm. Almost warm! 

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