Tension in the air

More and more that I am going to the south west of Armenia, more I realize the tension in the air. My tour forces me to take the main road ( the Silk Road), all other roads do have a dead end somewhere in the montains at a high altitude. Beside the cars, I can hear a lot of jet fighter flying or some helicopters, on the road I am being welcomed by soldiers wandering what I am doing. A lot of green trucks leave there marks on the ground, giving me sometimes difficulties to walk so big are the army tires. Yesterday I could hear the Armenian news giving some latest update about the conflict with Azerbaijan. At the table, the father interrups his meal to call his nephew that serves already hundred days for the Arminian army. He wanted to have some news reassuring him self that everything is good. The mother meanwhile looks at me with red eyes and says, I’m so scared for my son he’s only the 13th but I know that he would have to go, serve and protect his country. I am sking my self, when Armenians will have some rest? and take care to rebuild there contrie after more than 70 years of communism? She is not the first mother showing me some fear, in fact almost evry woman has a brother an oncle or a sun at the front. Only last year, there was 100 casualties, one in this same small village of 450 people that I am staying tonight. 

A beautiful village with almost only farmers. Or if they are teachers or school directors, that is the job of the couple of 4 children where I am staying, they also wake up early in the morning to milk there cows and feed there pigs and lamb. After school the same procedure. There 3 daughters left the village to studie at the Ervans University. The 4, a beautiful young boy, with blue eyes staying with his parents. They told me that in average people do not get older than 60 in the villages. In fact I realized that almost all of the people I did meet, were looking a lot older than me! I do feel so lucky, even with my cold and with my painful legs.Modifier

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