20 km under snow storm

This morning I was yet not decided to where I should stop for the night. So all was still open for me. The weather broadcast did say some light snow fall, I was even happy about that. I rather have snow than rain! Time to say goodbye, the man was already milking the cows at the stable just besides there house, the mother open the door, and to my surprise again it was snowing but big time! I left with some split emotions. I must say that I first I did not feel so good almost imposing my self to the family, but we finished to have a good contact and even had fun together. I left with a big hart in te middle of the snow.

I thought of staying at the next village which was exactly 16 km away. That is a good distance for me, I feel that I still have some energy left and my feet are less hurting. But somehow, after beeing 3 night not to my self and having slept in all kind of difficult situation, while I took a rest at the gaz station of the village, I decided to go to the next town: Sisian and  try my chance to a real hotel. Until now I am exclusively using google map. Before my departure, I went to a phone shop, and took a  SIM cart that gives 5 GB for one mounth. And Google told me that Sisian is in 20 km. I had to play some game with my mind. In fact one does that also with big arias in an opera, comes a point where one has to trick himself by saying, I just started ed to sing , meanwhile the aria is already half way! So I went out of the gas station and told myself: Have a nice walk in the beautiful snow, you only have 20 km to do. Well the thing to not do, which shortly after 20 steps I did, id to use some mathemaics, 16 + 20 = 36. what! No way, that I can do that I was screaming. Then comes the other survival thinking, take one step at a time. 
After 5 km a car stoped to offer me to drive with them. Usualy in one day I maybe say 20 times no the all the great people offering me a ride. But this day it took almost 21 km for one to stop, and trust me I didn’t say no. They drove me 10 km and then I had to continue my way to the hotel. 6 km only left, the first 3 went ok, but then, this last hour… this always last hour… is simply so impossibly difficult. It may be 16 or 25 km, the last hour is a morally challenging one!

Ok I manage to the hotel, and I was looking forward for a warm shower. Almost ready, I do open the water, but bad surprise only cold water is coming out. Look at the reservoir, and I realize that it has to still warm up the water. Ok I can wait, I booked via booking.com maybe 2 hours ago. After a while, the tank was warm, I decided to then take my so wanted shower, and then, no I am not making a joke, there was no water!! I could hear some man working and screaming like I was, so I went out to ask what happened and they answered that something did explode and it will take some hours. Hours, it was 11 at night!! Not there fault, the hotel is wonderful, I am happy I am here never the less!

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