A day off? 22 km!

Yesterday evening, I was fighting with my cables that connects my camera to this iPhone. For some reasons, it decided to not work anymore. That means, I’m not able to transfer my photos to this iPhone! I really tried everything but I think I just have to give up. So this morning I woke up in mind to find a solution. 1st of all, the city of Sissian where I am at this moment is a quite big city of 16 000 people. I really did expect to find a shop where I can try my cables and see where is the problem. But I guess I was too impatient, all the shops were closed at eight in the morning!

But first I must mention, that I went downstairs to have breakfast, but there was no one! That is why I was so early finding the shop or not! So I came back at the hotel, and had my breakfast and explain my problem to the hotel manager, and he offered to drive me to a friend that owns a cell shop. We tried everything but unfortunately, my pictures will not be transferred anymore to my iPhone! 

For my rest day, I thought I should only see what’s around the city of Sisian. I went to the Church of St Garabed in Tolors.  It is a church on the 16th century but the Soviets in the 70s decided to use the area for a reservoir of water and since then this church was underwater! It is 8 km from the city, and on my path besides conversing with some soldiers I decided to make some shortcuts. To my surprise I did see one of the most beautiful scenery, I was mesmerized by the color that nature can give to us. At the end of this beauty meaning the reservoir, was this church. It was so overwhelming, that was I was at church, I close my eyes and filled with all the energy around me. It is a place of solitude, work one can go deep inside to him self and revise all his life in a few moments.


In the evening I decided to go to another place but this time with the car since it is a day off! Meanwhile I did already walk 20 something km. So again the hotel manager did drive me to the Karahundj, Armenia’s Stonehedge. It was the sunset and I must say again real magical moment! It is more than 7500 years old and scientific are thinking that it is been used to observe the sky. In fact the nature is so grandiose at this place and the energy is so mysterious, that I could only feel so humble and happy to have the chance to be part of this life. 

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