April fool second!

Today the 2 of April is the election day in Armenia for a new government. So yesterday at 11:00 PM came at the hotel, where I was staying, at least 20 young policemen from Yerevan. I am sure they came to make sure that everything goes smoothly at the election, but they achieved some great chaos at the hotel. As expected, they had more fun together during all night with laughing, singing and sometimes even screaming then preparing for the next day. Fortunately, I had with me some ear plugs! I guess that is the singer habit!

After my breakfast, I went out, and again the snow was at the party! The city was covered in white. I thought it was April fool, until my phone reminded me the real date. All my plans were turned upside down. I wanted to go the next day to a small village, 15 km away from the city of Goris to see the caves where people were living, until the 50’s. The Russians decided other wise and forced them to go live in houses. I did not expect anything from my walk, I was just wondering in the streets of Goris as a good tourist watching the citizen coming and going to there duty. Old and young, are aspiring to have a country where they can see some future. I could hear from the windows discussions between generation about the political situation. It was maybe Sunday and snowing but I had the feeling was in the south of Sicilia!


Somehow, I found my self at the edge of the city, I was attracted by the beauty of the streets and houses, and the gardens that I could imagine that were impatiently waiting to the spring to come! Sometimes I had the feeling that the time stop or that I was in a black in white film from the 40’s!



The road brought me to a beautiful small church and behind that church were some mountains. As you did maybe realized, Armenia has rocks over rocks and mountains over mountains. So much that there is a say that they do bread from stone! Behind this church, passing 4 dogs that were doing here job of keeping there territory,  by chance I found the old Goris! Meaning, the caves! I went head first into the mountains obviously I was curious to see inside of one them! I was alone and free like a bird going holes  to holes hoping to find some vestiges.


After this, I walked back to my hotel, thinking that I have reached what I wanted to do and see. The snow was giving me my limits by telling me to go back to Yerevan where the sun is. At 3 PM I did take the bus and drove for 5 hours all the same way that I did walk. In a pass at 2400 meters, where remembered that I was desperately breading deeply to have some more oxygen, we were stock because of the a snow storm. The cars were not moving an inch and I was starting to think that I would pass the night in the bus. Finally after one hours it started to move. I was on one hand amazed and proud that I did walk close to 300 km through this rough environment, and on the other hand it did give me the chance to recapitulate in my mind all the great experiences I had lived emotionally. In the coming day, I will try to put those in words.


3 réflexions sur “April fool second!

  1. Congratulation, dear Nora, for your big marathon-expedition! Your name will be added to the gallery of the great explorers: Nansen, Scott, Maghellan, Columbus etc.
    We are glad to know you back to your family and hope you in good health.
    Love from Alice and Stefan

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