Starting Packing

My first video with TimeLaps technic !


With the generous donation of great souls,  I could buy for this trip, a sleeping bag and a mattress! That is in case I have to sleep either at the train station (that is a joke!) or more probably when I do « Couch-Surfing ». And today, I wanted to make sure that the sleeping bag and the mattress are good and really comfortable (warm: I will see that) and if they have room in my backpack.

Because, to pack is quite a challenge: since one has to bring  all what one needs and yet stay light, I thought, I should slowly see how much I can bring with me without being like Atlas! My goal is to have fewer than 15 Kilos on my back! Usually a backpack should not exceed a third of one’s weight: 15 kg? I wish that would be a third of mine!! Or maybe not 45 kg, then, there is nothing left of me! But I do think that after 3 weeks of walking, my feet will surely feel less weight since I might lose some!  When in a production, I never but never manage not to have over weight luggage! Now my feet are dictating how much I can take or not!

In order to be able to raise some money for this 3 weeks trekking in Armenia, I have created a founding campaign. This will  help me to buy my flight, my staying in B&B or hotels and some equipment. I do thank you in advance.

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