Snow storm at  Geghard Monastery.

After being 2 days in Yerevan, I finally took off for my trekking adventure. I thought that I had first to get used to the height of Armenia. Yerevan is at approximatively 1030 meters above the see level and Copenhagen where I live, is well… at the see level! I don’t know if you can imagine how I could feel my legs burning just by taking the stairs for only 2 floors. And how my hart was just letting me know that he is actually constantly beating!

In Yerevan the weather was marvelous! 15 Celsius sunny and no wind. I never woul expect that 40 km out of the citie, at the same moment that I am writing to you, it is minus 13 degree and snowing like hell! My room temperature is not better, there is no heating from the B&B, and with 2 small electric heater, I achieve to  have 7 degree. I tell you, I am a yeti that knows how to use an iPhone and is writing!! I have all my coats on me!! Hope I will survive the night!!

Usually, I always go too fast too difficult in my projects, but this time, I decided, that I will take time to see how I react. So today I didn’t walk really, since I took a taxi to go Geghard Monastery. It is only 40 km away from the capital, I thought that I could start from there my journey. I also thought that I should not have any fixed plans on where to be, when to be. So yesterday while I was walking the streets of Yerevan, I thought, I should not cross the citie. Not yet. Instead I should throw my self in a storm! No seriously, I was simply looking forward to be out of the cities. I was like a chills being impatient  to start my crazy adventure. 

The monastery is simply beautiful. It got me by surprise since I was not able to see it until my nose was almost glued to its wall! I remember my father telling me this, saying it was to protect the place from invaders. In those times, they were hundreds of Monks living in the rocks around the monastery. One can see it. I must say it is quite impressive, taking in consideration the climate up here. Obviously, as you can imagine, I did climb through snow and ice in one of the caves to have a closer look at it. Nearby, I found a small chapel destroyed most probably by an hearthquake. What did touch me the most is that, there were some candles left half burn from someone that did pray in this unreachable chapel. At the main place of the Monastery, to my big surprise they were a lot of tourists mainly from Asia. I was therefore not alone. 

After doing my site seeing, I decided to walk towards the first B&B. As I said in the tittle, there is a snow storm! Ok, the small Canadian is maybe happy, but not my coat and boots! There were totally wett, and me with them! Fortunately for me, I found a small restaurant on my way, and there I had a Russian soup. I did find the situation ironic to eat a Russian soup, but this thought was fast gone from the first warm spoon I had! I could feel the benefit of the warmth, I felt so good.
Now, someone came, after that I have been 4 hours freezing in this room to tell me that they finally did put the general heating!! So I will be able to survive my first night!

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  1. Oh mon dieu, quel aventure! I hope the heating hits in soon so you can get warm and sleep well. Thank you for your first post on your way, made my day reading it! And it proves there is something else but the crazy world I am dealing with right now. Take good care, can’t wait to read more! Gros bisous!

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