The student day

This morning I woke up quite tired, all my mouvement were in slow motion. The night before, after beeing to Noravank, the grand mother of the family did cook a traditional Armenian dish called harrise. It is amazingly good and with only 2 main ingredients: chicken and barley. Only after the dish, they have offered a glass of there own wine, but unfortunately for me, my stomac did not take it. Maybe that is why in the morning, I was in an other sphere! But I am not giving up, I went in the stable to see once more to milk a cow, and from that milk how the Armenians do a chees in less then 4 hours! It looked quite easy. So much, that I would like to try it once I am home with 4 spare hours! I did cover the way of doing it all with pictures, thinking that one picture is like thoused words.

While I was packing to get to the next village, Anna, the hostest calls me and says that at the nexrt house, they are doing the Armenian bread Lavash. It is an old tradition, maybe some thoused years, and it is still carried on until now not only in Armenia but also in Iran. It is said that Lavash is almost holy and bring joy to the a home that as it . It is almost always done by women. This bread is very handy one can use it for a sandwich or as a spoon or even as carrier for a big amount of solidified honey!! Some of you maybe remember! I was impress to see how fast she was opening the dough. I have seen houses during this travel that had the Tonir: it is a hole in the ground with a ventilation. In the hole they do some fire and the second person smash the opened dough on the wall of this oven. But in this house, they were using a more modern way with an electrical oven.  They assured me that the taste was the same! Csn you imagine that this morning there doing 130 of them! And when I asked how many months it last, she laughed and did say although the bread can be kept until 6 mouths, in this house, 130 last for a good 2 weeks!!

I had some chees and bread from the morning, and slowly did start my walk towards Eghegnadzor. A long and difficult walk this time My cold was putting weight to every step I was taking. On my way, I did find a factory totally abandoned. I took my first big pause there, taking some pictures. Inside, somehow it looked as a cathedral! Even in eastern Germany I can see a lot of infrastructure left to the nature. I wonder why with the change from communism to capitalism those establishments are not beeing use. 

Finally after 16 km I arrived at, what I think an old Communist time hotel, but with an amazing view to the white montains. I was feeling so sick that, as soon I did touch ground to my room I started to cry. I must say that, the inside of the hotel did depress me. I could feel an indescriptible heaviness. But here I am in front of the widow giving to the montains with some freshly fished small trouts from the river that was a long me all my walk.  

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