The  plastic scourge

I am not gone write a lot today, but I realized that I am getting more and more intolerant to this problem. This problem seems to be in a lot of southern countries, and Armenia is unfortunately not the exception. When I do start my day, I seem to always enjoy nice sceneries, avoiding somehow the tones of plastic bottles lying everywhere. But comes a point that I start to get tired and somehow it seems that I look more often to the ground, and then I see what human being is able to destroy. I get really angry, so much, that to my self, I just scream to all the pigs. I think even them are more clean! What is the solution? Stop using plastic? should maybe the governement educate there population? Each time that I acknowledge this problem to them they either laugh at me, or they just say, like kids do, it not me it is the neibor! I even did see a restaurant on the border of the road that did through his bottles to the other side where there is a small river! Shoul maybe also those big compagnies be more responsable, and finally do there drinks in biodegradable bottle? How can a contry clean it self? Will the earth be free of plastic one day?
In Armenia, it is not only the plastic but also old cars, bus and trucks abandoned to the nature. For human it seem easier to run away, as now we try to conquer mars and try to find ways to live there. Billions of dollars are spend there instead here to clean this beautiful planet! 

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