The fog is the King of the road!

This time, I must say, I was quite sad to leave this beautiful region of Tatev. On top the B&B was great, it was finally the first place that I could sleep and be warm! This is family project, and all together with some help there are constructing and taking care of everything. The father had the idea of doing small refuges of 15 m2 in the woods that has for a view the other side of the Gorge! It is simple, but because of that, it is peaceful. I could really rest during the night! I guess also, the nature was like balsam to my soul.

A little upwards, the village of Halidzor was like in a dream, having this fog covering all the misery that peasants are living everyday. The dreamy like sensation was also on the main road. I was walking only with the noise of the cars coming and going, so much the fog was think. Sometimes, I was not able to see further than my hand! But that was also a reason for the cars to go slowly, very slow, so much that it was a calm walk without any rush. The nature was taking a health bath and giving me giving a fresh sent of life. I realized that my walk are more calm somehow I am able to not think any more and just the present without past nor future. That is such a great liberty!


This walk was quite easy, 12 km and I arrived at the charming city of Goris. It was raining and my cut from the Devil’s bridge was starting to hurt more and more. I tried to walk faster but on the main road, I couldn’t resist to talk with some women that were baking the lavash in the old fashion way. Meaning in the Tonir with wood. It is simply irresistible: I had to take one bread and eat it right away! I promised my self to buy to bring home!


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